Join the Natural Cleaning Revolution with the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner!

The Sirena vacuum cleaner utilises the latest in vacuum technology by harnessing the power of nature to thoroughly clean your home. This new age vacuum cleaner will keep your home dust free, clean all types of floors and turn many tiresome household chores into a breeze. You can clean almost anything with the Sirena, including hard to reach ledges, crevices, upholstery & bedding.

The Sirena water vacuum cleaner features 100% natural cleaning technology via water filtration. Challenging household norms, Sirena's bagless water filtration system puts an end to clogging and recirculation of dust into the air.

Germs and bacteria thrive in vacuum cleaner bags due to the warm dark and moist conditions. Whats unique about Sirena’s water filtration technology is pollutants can be flushed down the toilet, never to recirculate in your home again. This greatly supports those who suffers from allergies by reducing the dust particles in the air.

In fact, with the Sirena Total Home Cleaning System, you can actually wash the air inside the home which is welcome news for those with allergies and breathing problems. You can turn the Sirena vacuum cleaner to the low speed setting and it can be left overnight. Once dust hits the water, it doesn’t come back out - with the water filtration system, you not only get the air cleaned, you also get naturally fresh air throughout the home by adding eucalyptus & menthol oil.

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